America’s Boy Paradise Vol. 28

ABP 28 Shotacon 3D Images (6)

ABP 28 Shotacon 3D Images (1) ABP 28 Shotacon 3D Images (10) ABP 28 Shotacon 3D Images (14)

America’s Boy Paradise is a 3D yaoi shotacon series which contains the most quality images ever made. This set contains lots of horny nude boys in action, boys in undies and various sexy outfit, enjoy!. Also, don’t miss the other volumes!

Type: yaoi shotacon 3D images | Author: Various | 28 pics


    • bopop on April 21, 2016 at 9:56 am
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    It’s nice to take care of your friends.

    • Paul on June 27, 2019 at 6:38 am
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    Like the cock on the young boy that the other guy is just starting to work on. I too would like to tease his little cock head with kisses and licks playful little bites around the ring.
    But sometimes I get impatient myself and I want to start working on them in earnest until them jerk as their cock throbs to fill my mouth as soon as possible what their warm, tangy boy juice.

    • Hard4YngCock on July 10, 2023 at 8:14 am
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    That IS a beautiful early pubescent cock on that blonde boy. They’re hard to see but his first pubic hair his first blonde pubic hairs are starting to come in. Loce that look.
    And I know what you mean about being a impatient.
    Sometimes you plan to have a new young friend get comfortable with you by just watching a little porn and maybe both of you taking your cocks just out of your fly and playing with yourselves without you even touching him.
    But then you keep looking down as his beautiful hard young cock in the next thing you both no your face is buried in his lap with his cock in your mouth your tongue swirling rapidly all around it.

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